shopfinder 2020 (English)

Exploring the regional retail hotspots

EuroShop 2020 (16–20 February) features the latest retail trends and technological developments, presented by some 2,400 exhibitors. The trade fair covers shop fitting & store design, retail technology, lighting, visual merchandising, refrigeration & energy management, retail marketing, and expo & event marketing. A new area, food service equipment, will be included for the first time. Beyond the trade fair, there are also a lot of exciting things to discover.

Our shopfinder will help you find out about the retail hotspots in the area at first hand. In Düsseldorf and Cologne you’ll find classic department stores, flagship stores of renowned retailers and brands, special niche retailers, shopping centers and impressive supermarkets. Follow the recommended walking tours through top shopping streets in the downtown areas to see interesting stores that we’ve selected for you. You’ll also find descriptions of noteworthy stores that are not on our recommended walks.

Join us on a trip through the retail landscape of Düsseldorf and Cologne! 

Katharina Sieweke


Famous for its trade fairs and fashion scene, Düsseldorf has a lot to offer to retailers. Its population of 642,3001 has increased by almost 29,000 since 2013. The city also draws customers from its immediate catchment area, with a total regional purchasing power of approx. 17,200 million euros. At the heart of the city centre is the second most frequented luxury mile in Germany: Königsallee , with 5,441 passers-by per hour. The Kö-Bogen, built in 2013, extends Königsallee (Kö) at the northern end and links up with Schadowstraße, which attracts 6,444 passers-by per hour. Schadowstraße will become virtually car-free, with planting, during 2020. In the old town centre, trendy Flinger Straße with 6,920 passers-by per hour is the 11th most frequented shopping street in Germany. 


Cologne, with almost 1,090,000 inhabitants1, is the fourth-largest city in Germany. Thanks to its location, it also attracts shopping tourists from the neighbouring Benelux countries. The main shopping streets, Schildergasse and Hohe Straße, are Germany’s oldest pedestrian zone. These are among the most frequented shopping streets in the country. Schildergasse, with 11,438 passers-by per hour , holds first place while Hohe Straße, with 7,2343, ranks tenth. In Breite Straße the Quincy shopping center (renamed from DuMont-Carré in 2018) is especially attractive to shoppers. The adjoining Ehrenstraße, formerly something of an alternative fashion street, is another of the city’s A locations.

Düsseldorf – Route 1: Consumerism vs. Luxury

Schadowstraße – Königsallee

Schadowstraße, with a length of 1.3 km, is currently being transformed into a green pedestrian zone with recreation areas. There have been several changes of tenants. Urban Outfitters, JD Sports and Decathlon, among others, have opened new outlets. Near Breuninger and the Kö-Bogen a new shopping area, Ingenhoven-Tal, is under development and will significantly change the city’s appearance It is adjoined by the luxury-shopping street Königsallee, the northern end of which features mainly high-end brands.

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Schadowstr. 77-79


Foto Koch

Schadowstr. 62


Schadowstr. 55


Berliner Allee 1




Schadowstr. 11

Luisa Cerano

Königsallee 21/Trinkausstr.


Königsallee 42


Königsallee 56


Königsallee 60

Boggi Milano

Königsallee 66


Königsallee 78

United Colors of Benetton

Königsallee 83

Edeka Zurheide

Berliner Allee 52


Königsallee 63

Düsseldorf – Route 2: Trend & Style

Flinger Straße – Mittelstraße – Carlsplatz – Hohe Straße – Grabenstraße – Königsallee

Flinger Straße in Düsseldorf’s historic city centre, only 300 m long, is a hotspot for fashion brands. Recently arrived tenants include the H&M label Monki and Hema. The Immobilien-Zeitung reports that Aldi Süd will be returning to its former branch, which had cult status. Between the galleries and ateliers of the neighbouring Carlstadt district, small specialist boutiques offer tantalising shopping opportunities. This route takes you through upmarket Grabenstraße back to Königsallee’s luxury mile, the west side of which is enlivened by Abercrombie & Fitch and Nespresso.

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Galeria Kaufhof

Königsallee 1

PME Legend

Flinger Str. 37


Mittelstr. 9


Hohe Str. 27


Kasernenstr. 10-12


Grabenstr. 17

Düsseldorf: Hotspots beyond the routes

There are many interesting stores beyond the routes. Take your chance to discover these retail spots.

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Magazzino by Cove

Ronsdorfer Str. 74
Halle 23,
40233 Düsseldorf-Flingern Süd


Hermannstr. 24
40233 Düsseldorf-Flingern Nord

Edeka Kels

Homberger Str. 6
40882 Ratingen

Cologne – Route 1: City Hotspots

Hohe Straße – Schildergasse – Zeppelinstraße – Richmodstraße – Breite Straße

Since Cologne’s major shopping streets flow into one another, you can start your visit to the city’s retail hotspots from the cathedral, but also from Appellhofplatz or Heumarkt. With its large chain and department stores, Schildergasse is considered the street of flagship stores, while new tenants like Apple, Saturn, Uniqlo and Maisons du Monde entice shoppers to Hohe Straße, home to many chains catering to teens and young adults. Rewe Richrath and the Quincy shopping center bring shopping traffic to Breite Straße.

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Maisons du Monde

Hohe Str. 69-71

Dyson Demo Store

Hohe Str. 52


Hohe Str. 52


Hohe Str. 46-50


Schildergasse 1-9


Schildergasse 51-53


Schildergasse 94-96

Jean & Len

Neumarkt 2-4


Zeppelinstr. 4


Richmodstr. 10

Søstrene Grene

Breite Str. 80-90

Rewe Richrath

Schwertnergasse 1

Cologne: Route 2 – The hip disctrict

Ehrenstraße is a street with a hip scene. Off the beaten track, it offers concept stores and small boutiques selling mainly fashion and interior decoration. Arket, the premium brand of Swedish textile giant H&M, has repositioned itself. In immediate proximityto it is Mittelstraße, typified by its haute couture stores, Breite Straße with its broad consumer appeal, and Apostelnstraße with its local atmosphere.

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Create by Obi

Breite Str. 155

Urban Outfitters

Breite Str. 118-120


Ehrenstr.. 14-16


Ehrenstr. 31


Ehrenstr. 45-47

Kapten & Son

Ehrenstr. 53

Cologne: Hotspots beyond the routes

There are many interesting stores beyond the routes. Take your chance to discover them.

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Ley's Loft

Europaallee 8A
50226 Frechen

Tante Olga

Berrenrather Str. 406
50937 Köln

Tante Olga

Viersener Str. 6
50733 Köln


Friesenplatz 2-4
50672 Köln

Rewe Schäfer

Wilhelm-Ruppert-Str. 27-29
51147 Köln

Aldi Süd

Hardt 5
40764 Langenfeld


Bismarckstr. 70
50672 Köln